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1. Purging of Equity Date: 31 AUG

What do you understand by purging of equity?

2. Purging of Equity Date: 31 AUG

I am trading in Shariah Compliant Stock. Why should I do purging?

3. Purging of impure income Date: 23 AUG

Can I invest in a company with high interest earnings and later on do purging to clear all such impure incomes.

4. Is Purging and Zakat same Date: 23 AUG

I pay yearly Zakat. Should I do purging of impure income?

5. Purging at what intervals... Date: 7 SEP

I am holding a stock since last 2 years. I have not sold a single share of my total holdings. Am I supposed to do the purging or wait till I ascertain the loss or gain in investment

6. Methodology of Purging Date: 17 SEP

What are the different methods available for purging of impure income

7. Dividend Based Purging Methodology Date: 17 SEP

How is the Dividend based purging calculated

8. Dividend Based Purging Date: 17 SEP

Is Dividend based purging calculation correct

9. TASIS Purging Methodology Date: 17 SEP

How is purging of impure income calculated by TASIS

10. Impure Income Date: 17 SEP

What is disguised Interest income

11. Purging of Tata Ethical Fund (TEF) Date: 17 SEP

How can one calculate the amount of impure income to be paid off as charity on account of the investment in Tata Ethical Fund (TEF)

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