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About Us

About Us

TASIS is India’s premier Shariah advisory institution in the field of Finance. It derives strength from its deep-rooted belief in Shariah values and the commitment of its people to Shariah in letter and spirit. It is proud to have some of the internationally renowned Shariah scholars on its Shariah Advisory Board. Its Shariah scholars are known for their pragmatic but firm approach towards Shariah and its application in day-to-day life.

As a Shariah Advisory firm specializing in Islamic Finance, our only focus is to provide expert guidance and consultancy services to clients seeking financial solutions that adhere to the Shariah principles. We do not engage in investment advisory or trading activities. Our core mission is to ensure that our clients' financial decisions and transactions are compliant with Islamic principles and free from any prohibited elements, such as interest (riba), uncertainty (gharar), and unjust exploitation (maysir).

TASIS strives for quality in its work seeking to deliver value and excellence to its clients. This approach has helped TASIS earn many prestigious clients in India without diluting its credibility and reputation for adhering to Shariah principles. As a result it is now well-recognized both within the country and abroad as a reliable provider of Shariah advisory services.

The aim of TASIS is to help Indian corporates and entrepreneurs to realize their commercial potential while following Shariah principles in the truest sense. It also advocates and works towards increased business interactions and seeks to promote contacts and joint ventures between India and global Islamic finance markets.



Taurus Mutual Fund appoints TASIS as its Shariah Consultant for its Taurus Ethical Fund


Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd. appoints TASIS for Shariah Consultancy Services for its Motilal Oswal Ethical Strategy - Portfolio Management Services


Geojit Financial Services Ltd becomes the bonafide customer of TASIS availing TASIS Shariah List for offering Investment basket based on TASIS Shariah List.

Arthya Wealth and Investment Pvt. Ltd. appoints TASIS for Shariah Consultancy Services to in order to offer Shariah Compliant Portfolio Management Services - Arthya ALL STAR Multi-Cap Shariah Portfolio


TATA Asset Management Ltd. appoints TASIS as its Shariah Consultant for its TATA Ethical Fund

TATA Asset Management Mauritius Pvt. ltd. appoints TASIS as its Shariah Consultant for its offshore scheme Tata Indian Sharia Equity Fund


TASIS wins Gold Award in the category of Best Advisory Service Provider & Best Capital Market Service Providers in India, presented by IFFSA 2016, held in Sri Lanka


TASIS wins Award for its contribution in the field of Islamic Finance in India, presented by Maeeshat in the 6th All India Minorities Business Summit & Awards 2014 at ceremony held at New Delhi, India


TASIS becomes knowledge partner of National Stock Exchange (NSE) to provide Shariah Index services for Chittagong Stock Exchange


Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation promoted Shariah NBFC, Cheraman Financial Services Ltd. appoints TASIS as Shariah Auditor

TASIS in collaboration with Bombay Stock Exchange, launches online certification course in Islamic Banking, Finance and Capital Market


Awarded Membership of Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) as the first and the only member from India


TASIS and Bombay Stock Exchange jointly launch high profile BSE - TASIS Shariah 50 Index


TASIS advises India's first Shariah Compliant Mutual Fund which is registered with SEBI

TASIS advises India's first Shariah Compliant Venture Capital Fund

GIC Re appoints TASIS as Shariah Advisor for its Retakaful scheme offered to International Takaful Companies

Our Mission

* To establish in India an institutional framework which will provide the lay public, professional investors and Corporates authentic Shariah guidance and assistance in operationalizing the same.

* To set practicable Shariah compliant standards and elaborate Shariah compliant financial structures in different business spheres.

* To educate society of the beneficial effects of adopting Shariah Finance principles and practices and work towards the general acceptance of the same.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider in India of Shariah advice and Shariah investment solutions in terms of:
• compliance with Shariah,
• innovativeness in product structuring,
• responsiveness to client needs, and
• range of clientele