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Subject - Shariah Screening of Shares

Financial Screening

1. Financial Screening Parameter date: 6 SEP 2022

Why do we screen stocks further on Financial parameters after Screening them for their business?

2. Financial Parameters date: 6 SEP 2022

What are the Financial Parameters which a company must satisfy to be considered Shariah compliant?

3. Debt Ratio date: 16 SEP 2022

Tata Ethical Fund has been certified by TASIS. Yet we find companies with High Debt Ratio included in the portfolio holdings of Tata Ethical Fund. Please clarify.

4. Interest Based Investment date: 16 SEP 2022

In TASIS norms, why is a 7.5% return on Interest-based Investments added to Interest Income to ascertain the compliance of the company on the Interest norm?

5. Financial Screening Parameters date: 17 SEP 2022

Is TASIS financial evaluation for Shariah Screening of Stocks based on Quarterly Reports, or Annual Reports or both

6. Monthly Shariah Screening date: 17 SEP 2022

Why does TASIS update its Shariah List monthly?

7. Validity for Shariah Compliant Status date: 17 SEP 2022

How long does a company continue to be Shariah Compliant?