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Shariah advisory services of TASIS, in general terms, involve understanding the essence of a financial transaction or scheme and then to analyze whether the route to the desired objective, involves any shariah repugnant elements such as Interest or excessive uncertainty.

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Shariah auditing and supervision services bring complete transparency and enhanced credibility. It helps management in rectifying any Shariah inconsistency at the outset leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved company reputation.

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TASIS screens stocks that are listed on the major Indian stock exchanges on an ongoing basis and provides the list of Shariah compliant stocks to fund managers, stock brokers and other interested parties.

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Shariah Product structuring services involve designing and development of specific/customized Shariah compliant products and operational structures for institutions such as banks, asset management companies, insurance companies.

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TASIS methodology for purging is unique and based on rigorous empirical research which is continuously updated. Purging involves calculation of that pro rata share of the impure income earned by a company which is the responsibility of an investor of that company.

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TAQWAA ADVISORY AND SHARIAH INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS (P) LTD. (TASIS) was founded by a group of finance and investment professionals who realized the need for a credible organization for providing guidance and support to individuals and corporates having an interest in the nascent but highly potential Islamic finance industry in India. As the name suggests, it is an organization providing Shariah advisory and investment solutions in India, while operating within the Indian legal framework.

Islamic Finance is a more than USD 2.5 trillion industry today and is emerging as one of the fastest growing areas of international finance. Currently Islamic banking and finance practices have a presence in over 75 countries of the world; these include many countries of Europe,North America, South-East Asia and Africa.

India Inc. having sensed the momentum building up in favour of Islamic Finance, has started looking for strategic vantage positions to exploit the niche opportunity. Many Indian private sector players have come up with Shariah Compliant products abroad. A few of them have launched products and services in India as well. Some financial institutions such as HSBC, Goldman Sachs, TATAs, Taurus, UTI, Kotak, BajajAllianz, have some kind of Shariah Compliant products already in the market.

Government of India too is seriously contemplating various options for allowing Islamic finance in the country. The publication of Mohanty Committee (Committee on Medium-term Path on Financial Inclusion) Report and the proposal by Islamic Cooperation for the Development of Private Sector (ICD) – a 100% subsidiary of the Jeddah based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) - to establish a NBFC to facilitate regular financing activities for businesses in India, are some of the notable milestones in this area. These developments are definitely encouraging pointers towards the increasing interest of the government in Islamic finance which has for far too long been ignored in our country when nations across the globe were benefiting from it.



To know who can avail our services.

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TASIS is dedicated to developing an exhaustive online information portal.The current list of articles available

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TASIS strive to provide our clients and customers a comprehensive bouquet of Shariah

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Members of TASIS Shariah Board are highly qualified and have vast exposure in the field of fiqhul muamalaat

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TASIS is India's premier Shariah advisory institution in the field of Finance.

It has India's best Shariah Finance professionals associated with it. TASIS is also proud to have some of India's best Shariah scholars on its Board.
TASIS derives strength from its deep-rooted belief in Shariah values and the commitment of its people to Shariah in letter and spirit.

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